Objective of the conference

The summit will promote exhibiting Global Manufacturers network in marketing their company and products to the target audience.

Conference objectives

  • Transfer of technology through the coming of the state of the art machines into Africa from International Manufacturers and training to the users in Africa
  • International exhibitors will meet High Profiled Health Experts whom they can interact with face to face and enter into strategic business agreements and the Decision Makers will cascade the information to the relevant healthcare institutions in their respective countries for the development of the Healthcare fraternity.
  • Establishment of Public and Private Partnership investments beneficial to our public health institutions cascading from central hospitals to provincial, district, clinics and to the private health sector institutions.
  • Global exposure through digital and printed brand exposure before, during and after the event throughout the year round marketing activities.
  • Bringing new players on board who had not exhibited in Africa before in efforts bring the transfer of technology beneficial to Africa.


The Rwanda Global Healthcare Summit attendees portfolio consists of Health Ministers, Representatives of African Governments, High Profiled Health Experts and Hospitals Decision Makers, Procurement Managers, Buyers, Visitors to the exhibition and the Conference Delegates. 


  1. Hospitals
  2. Universities
  3. Medical Equipment and devices Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  4. Surgical Sundries and Consumables Manufacturers/Suppliers
  5. Pharmaceutical and Supplements Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  6. Dental Equipment and consumables Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  7. Experts in the Digital Health & IT Solutions Service providers
  8. Imaging and Diagnostics Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  9. Laboratories and Reagents Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  10. Orthopaedic and Instruments Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  11. Financial institutions
  12. Training companies
  13. Consulting services


A wealth of knowledgeable and experienced Global Healthcare Manufacturers will be networked to the engaging audience through one on one and face to face interactive platforms with healthcare professionals and decision-makers to do business, exchange ideas and learn about the latest technology in the industry.


  • Generate new business by meeting new customers and develop new relationships¬†
  • Best for business match making.
  • Effective in establishing valuable contacts efficiently.
  • Personalised recommendations for business leads.
  • Opportunity to appearing in our first magazine edition for Rwanda Global Healthcare Summit.
  • Increase your international presence.
  • Network with potential buyers where key players from the government entities, public and private hospitals, distributors and dealers will be present.
  • Stay in touch with up-to-date & competitive with the latest products in healthcare.
  • Keep well informed with the latest industry trends and advancement ahead of your competitors.
  • Place for strategic business deals and network with industry leaders & potential buyers.